Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

I have to thank Nitty Gritty Dirt Man in large part for the subject of this photo and post.  His recent post A Time Capsule to Call My Own (Part 2) prompted me to dig out my two boxes of “memories” up in the attic and start weeding through them.  As I took a lunch break at work today, I reviewed this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge theme, and decided to dump one of the boxes on the bed just down the hall from my office. These boxes are full of “Mine” . . . my old good luck charms, my old school photos and classmates’ photos, my old academic and athletic medals . . . and, as reflected in part in this week’s submission to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, some of my old papers and essays from not only college but also dating back to middle school!


The topics are sometimes interesting, sometimes not, but certainly varied:

  • Extraterritoriality in Anti-Trust Law
  • Rasputin: The Force Behind the Fall of Imperial Russia
  • Ethics and the Professor
  • Tourism Behind the Iron Curtain: An Analysis of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union as Travel Destinations
  • Gnosticism and the Valentinians in the 2nd Century
  • The Symbolism of the Armor of Turnus
  • Heroes in Medieval Society: Beowulf and Gunnarr
  • Coffee in Columbia: Economic Opportunity or Exploitation?
  • Emma’s Disillusionment: The Search for Romantic Perfection
  • The Competitive Status of the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • The Sorrows of the Heart
  • The Neverending War: One Veteran’s Account of the Vietnam War
  • and let’s not forget those middle school gems: Mortician’s Monthly (published by the Underground Press) and my report on Niger: A Land Where the Harvest is Won with the Soul’s Scythe!

My thoughts, my research, my experiences reflected in interpretations of literature . . . all mine.  I look forward to browsing through them during the week, but then, with the motivation provided by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Man’s post, it is time to do a little weeding.

Ciao! ~ Kat

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