Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy and Travel Theme: Animals

As I started to pull together photos for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, finding those images that reflect what makes me “Happy,” I noticed a recurrent theme — the pets who have been part of our family throughout the years.  So often, they were part of the happy memory, frozen in time through a snapshot.  We believe in adopting our companions from the local humane society or rescue league, and sometimes the animals may join us in the later part of their lives, resulting in a shorter tenure with our family.   They frustrate us at times and can be naughty beyond belief.  They romp and play, they snuggle and dry our tears.  And, whether their time with us is short or long, their unconditional love is timeless — what more do we need to be happy?  I cannot imagine our family without these furry companions!


Coincidentally, the submission for the Weekly Photo Challenge also satisfied Ailsa’s Travel Theme challenge this week, which was Animals (click here for more information on the weekly Travel Theme).  Wind Against Current also combined the Weekly Photo Challenge with the Travel Theme Challenge, which helped to inspire my combined challenge response.  Details on WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge and how to join can be found here.

Ciao! ~ Kat B.

21 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy and Travel Theme: Animals”

  1. Pets are part of our family and I agree, “whether their time with us is short or long, their unconditional love is timeless .” They are a blessing to us and they give us happiness beyond words. Thanks. Have a great day!


    • I.T., I hope you have a wonderful day as well — thank you for your time and comments on my posts! ~ Kat


  2. I couldn’t agree about animals making our lives better. I grew up with lots of wild and domesticated animals, and my dog and cat have made life in Denver so much more fulfilling. They’ve been my best buddies in this new city. Great post!


  3. Lovely photos, thank you. I, too, have shared my life with various animals and have four cats at present. They are part of the family and home wouldn’t be the same without them. Blessings from Lizzie Joy


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