Edited and updated July 9, 2013:

Awards . . . I do appreciate them, really I do.  And I am grateful to those bloggers who have taken time to acknowledge my blog!  But, I still have not found a way to increase the hours in the day beyond twenty-four, so if I do not formally participate in the blogging awards bestowed by and between bloggers, please forgive me . . .

So many of you are incredibly graceful and eloquent in your award nominations and acceptances.  I often benefit from those posts by enjoying introduction to yet another blog of interest.  The extensive “rules” attached to some can be quite intimidating to accept let alone pass on to another blogger, yet when I have been lucky enough to receive your thoughtful awards, I also find myself wanting to share some of the blogs that give me joy, make me laugh, and leave me reflecting on life.

This blog is my creative outlet, it is not my livelihood; I have a day job, a husband, two teenagers, and a house full of constantly-shedding four-legged companions, all of which require time and attention, as well!  Selfishly, when I do make time to blog (often displacing things like finishing laundry which usually is sitting in a disgruntled pile in the basement as I type . . . ), I want it to be my time to unwind, reflect, dream, create (or to explore your reflections, dreams and creations!), because the other 23+ hours of the day are already spoken for.

If I find blogs I think fellow bloggers would enjoy, I hope you don’t mind if I do a little “shout out” periodically, in case there are others with kindred interests.  If I find posts that interest me, make me laugh, make me cry, or challenge my way of thinking, I try to take the time to comment, just as I hope you do — thoughtful, sincere comments are often the best award one can receive.  I hope we are all understanding enough in this little blogosphere of ours to grant each other a little flexibility in how we respond to these well-intentioned recognitions.

And, if you happen to find a way to stretch the twenty-four hour day to something more, will you kindly let me know?!  I already have plans for hour twenty-five . . .

Ciao! ~ Kat






breast cancer in my thirties 30s  Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpeg

very-inspiring-blog-award  versatile blogger award

versatileblogger  liebster-award-e1355858473421

Very Inspiring Blogger Award       Versatile Blogger Award

9 thoughts on “Awards

    1. Jane, what a generous gesture! I am honored, and love how you bestowed it. I will continue to pay it forward in kind, as I also enjoy letting others know about the blogs I enjoy. Much appreciated ~ Kat


  1. I knew this would happen… What can I say, you deserve it and I completely understand ExactlY how you feel having suffered the same thoughts as I toiled on this post – so here you go!
    Just to start the New Year off right, there is an Award waiting for you at
    Whether you choose to participate or not, please know that Across the Bored finds inspiration, entertainment, enlightenment and good company in your blog. Thanks for being a presence in our virtual reality!
    Have a really wonderful few days left of the holiday and don’t worry about your laundry – it can keep my pile (which I hid from guests in the dvd cupboard) company…


    1. ideflex, I am sincerely grateful for the recognition! And so glad I have a kindred spirit who cleans like I do when getting ready for company 🙂 (the key is remembering where you put everything after they left . . . ) ~ Happy 2013! ~ Kat


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