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  • Game Plan for the Great Minnesota Get-Together

    Game Plan for the Great Minnesota Get-Together

    A decade ago this month, I started this blog with a brief welcome post: Life is a wonderful journey.  As we reflect, our favorite memories confirm that the best things in life truly are not things, but rather experiences: travel near and far, the simplicity of nature found in the garden and great outdoors, and good food with family…

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  • Final Day on the Water

    Final Day on the Water

    This is the eighth, and final, post of the “Week-Long Alaskan Dream” series. Our last full day on the Misty Fjord dawned with heavy mist hanging on the mountain tops, turning the greens and browns of the lower elevations to multiple shades of gray. A hearty breakfast warmed us, as we clustered once again in…

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  • The Grandeur of Glacier Bay

    The Grandeur of Glacier Bay

    This is the seventh of the “Week-Long Alaskan Dream” post series. With only two more posts to go, to wrap up the memorable week on the water in Alaska, I almost abandoned the effort; but, I have dusted off the blog, and am committed to seeing it through! I could not leave the journey without…

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  • The Wonder of Whales

    The Wonder of Whales

    This is the sixth of the “Week-Long Alaskan Dream” post series. While COVID-19 has thrown 2020 a curve ball, and continues to disrupt in ways that are so difficult for so many, it seemed superficial to pick up where I left off to finish this blog series from our Alaska trip a year (seems like…

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  • The First Iceberg

    The First Iceberg

    This is the fifth of the “Week-Long Alaskan Dream” post series. The starting of the Misty Fjord’s engines at 5:00 a.m. roused me awake, but the gentle movement of the boat starting on the day’s journey quickly lulled me back to sleep for another couple of hours. It was hard to believe we were beginning…

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  • The Sea Lion Posse of Frederick Sound

    The Sea Lion Posse of Frederick Sound

    This is the fourth of the “Week-Long Alaskan Dream” post series. The Misty Fjord left Baranof Springs in the morning to head into Frederick Sound for Day 3 of our Inside Passage cruise. Whales teased us with a water spout here and there in the morning, while we watched the isolated sea otter (or two…

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