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  • Destination Baranof Warm Springs

    Destination Baranof Warm Springs

    This is the third of the “Week-Long Alaskan Dream” post series. Blue skies as far as the eye could see, with wispy clouds of white fanning out like the tentacles of the octopus (which was a common motif in the Sitka area). The Misty Fjord untied from the mooring buoy and began Day 2 of…

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  • Leaving Sitka on the Misty Fjord

    Leaving Sitka on the Misty Fjord

    This is the second of the “Week-Long Alaskan Dream” post series. “It looked bigger on the website,”  I laughed as we unloaded from the Alaskan Dream Cruises courtesy van and walked down the ramp to where Ben, one of the Misty Fjord’s crew, was waiting to greet us. No gangway or long check-in lines; instead…

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  • A Week-Long Alaskan Dream: Mosquito Cove Trail

    A Week-Long Alaskan Dream: Mosquito Cove Trail

    This is the first of the “Week-Long Alaskan Dream” post series. We gathered in the hospitality room for Alaskan Dream Cruises in Sitka, Alaska, four couples from Michigan, New York City, Minnesota, and Australia. Introductions were made and we sized up our shipmates for the upcoming week. While the Misty Fjord finished its preparations for…

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  • Zen on the Trail 

    Originally posted on Travel. Garden. Eat.: It has been a long week. The candle was burning at both ends most days; I sacrificed some needed sleep to find those extra hours in the day. So when the end of the work day rolled around on Friday, it was tempting to just pour a glass of…

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  • Dipping My Toes

    While the sub-zero wind chill didn’t dampen the beauty of the sunset’s soft glow on Lake Superior, I did not dip my toes in the frigid waters while taking a break mid-run to soak in the scene. But I have resolved to dip my toes back into blogging this year, after extended breaks the last…

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  • Making the Most of the Minnesota State Fair

    It is once again time for the Great Minnesota Get-Together. Twelve days of an almost-overwhelming array of food, art, music, gardens, animals, shopping, and people. What you need are Minnesota State Fair Tips (#MSFTips) to help you create a plan of attack to maximize the fun! Let Someone Else Do the Driving. With so many…

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