Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

When I saw the email announcing this week’s Photo Challenge, one photo instantly popped into mind, from a memorable sunset on the frozen surface of Lake Superior, near Cascade River.

Lake Superior near Cascade River in Minnesota

I typically am the driver on our road trips, as my husband can’t tolerate my impatient front-seat driving assistance!  I don’t mind, and it gives me the flexibility to pull the car over whenever I see a photo opportunity or other interesting sight worth investigating . . . sometimes much to my family’s chagrin.  This evening, as we headed back to our lodging for the night, the sun was just starting to set, and I promised I would be back in a jiffy, as I left the car running in a pull-out near the frozen river outlet to Lake Superior.  But, how can one be back in a jiffy with a beautiful landscape like this?  There is some dispute as to the length of my absence, but I swear it could not have been more than 30 minutes . .  .

Lake Superior was a stunning frozen canvas that February.  It was not completely frozen, as that rarely occurs, but it was frozen as far as the eye could see, and more than safe to walk on, particularly if you were close to shore.  I spotted this small triangle of ice perched as if planted there by hand, but instead the result of the Lake’s pushing and churning as the ice set over time.  Wind-scaped snow with other broken ice shards were scattered across the surface.  As the sun set lower, I lay on the ice, for an eye-level view of the sunset through this nature-placed ice gem.  Each minute brought a different play of light, a slight change in colors, playing across and through the ice and snow.  The photo brings back memories of one of those times I felt so grateful to have the opportunity to experience nature in all of its glory, both near and far.

Ciao! ~ Kat B.

21 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far”

  1. really pretty pic! I like the sunlight passing through the ice!

    p/s agree that being the driver gives a photographer amazing chance to pull over whenever he/she likes!


  2. Beautiful shot! I think half the battle with photography (for me at least) is being able to see what you want to capture. This is just amazing!


    • …what I meant to imply is that you obviously have that ability…you can see beyond just a chunk of ice and capture the art therein. 🙂 Photography either moves me, or it doesn’t. (I’m just an amateur). Thanks for sharing this.


  3. Wow, that’s beautiful Kat. I can totally relate to time escaping when you’re capturing shots. hahaha. The light is fantastic too – I bet it was captivating. Actually, don’t tell anyone but I don’t think I could resist picking up one of these little icicles and tasting it – they look so pure!!! 🙂


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