I Walk Slow ~ reblogged from Backpacking Kids

Tonya of Backpacking Kids has written a beautiful post that reminds us why patience is rewarded when introducing kids to the outdoors early in life. I can still picture my 15-month old crawling away from the campsite as we tried to throw something together for dinner at the campstove, and fondly recall the photo I have of the boys more recently during our Glacier National Park camping trip reading around the campfire, as the sun dipped below the mountain ridges. Enjoy this post! ~ Kat

Backpacking Kids

“I walk slow. I walk slow. Take my hand, help me on my way.”
Lovers’ Eyes, Mumford & Sons

When I’m out hiking or backpacking with my kids, I am often stopped by people who ask me how I got my kids to do it. They explain that they have kids too, but they didn’t bring them because they are too slow. Or they can’t go very far. Or they have to take too many potty breaks. Or they get tired and cranky. The reasons (excuses) come pouring out, but it all boils down to inconvenience.

Yes, hiking with kids is more difficult than hiking without them. Yes, they walk slow. But the answer to successfully hiking and backpacking with children is simple: Start them young and be patient.

When my son was two years old, hiking with him was very tedious. I could not get him to keep…

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