Kat’s Weekly Reflection of Gratitude: Life Moves Pretty Fast

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while you could miss it.”  ~ Ferris Bueller (From the movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii

Many years ago as we drove along the North Shore of Oahu, we stopped at one of the empty beaches and watched the mesmerizing surf.

North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii

My husband and two sons walked along the edge of the surf and started racing the water as it licked at their feet.

North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii

The waves won that race, but more joyful losers have probably never been seen.

Whenever I look at these photos, I reminded of one of the pleasures of travel – escaping the day-to-day distractions and demands of life, and finding time to be completely mindful of the wonder of the moment.  Whether it be for an hour or for a day, the sights to see, things to do, and places to visit need to be set aside from time to time.  The favorite travel memories are usually never found in the guidebooks.

Ciao! ~ Kat B.

19 responses to “Kat’s Weekly Reflection of Gratitude: Life Moves Pretty Fast”

    • There is something about not having those daily demands of our home base to fully free us to focus on the moments — we just need to learn to do that more often while at home! (but, then, would travel be so special!?) ~ Kat


  1. My husband, daughter and I were there a month ago for my mother-in-law’s funeral. Sad occasion…wonderful memories…lovely celebration of an extraordinary mother of 12.

    …can’t wait to return… 🙂


  2. Speaking of gratitude, I must say, I love this blog. I was grateful to receive the Lovely Blog Award, and I’m passing it on to you: Rules here for passing it on should you choose to accept. http://bit.ly/SbGmgY . Even if you do not, I think this is a great blog and I’m glad to have connected with you.


    • Casey, I am honored and humbly accept, although it may be awhile before I formally pass it on — I run hot and cold on this blog award process, but continue to enjoy those posts paying it forward because of the new blogs it introduces me to along the way! So I enjoy that whole pay it forward aspect. I am grateful! Thank you ~ Kat


      • You know, it took me almost a week, myself, and on that list are three professionals who are not putting a pink award on their professional site, however, for me, it was a nice exercise in thinking about things I like to read and the people who have influenced me. I try to think about those things when I can, and I even mention them sometimes, but to be forced to do it in a list and then follow through on expressing my appreciation–a good exercise indeed:)


  3. To be mindful of the wonder of the moment~~yes, you have summarized my entire spiritual desire, Kat. I love the imagines of your family and the waves. Especially that second image. It is compelling.


    • It’s often easier said than done, but reminders like these help remind me why it is so worthwhile to make that effort. Kathy, you appear to do a wonderful job fulfilling that spiritual desire of yours! ~ Kat


    • Ferris Bueller is a classic, goofy film — the message of the quote reflected well my memory, but the source of the quote seemed fitting for a trio of “boys” having fun! Thank you, lizziejoy! ~ Kat


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