Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Even the airport bathroom screams “Paris”!  Or so was my thought, after stepping off the plane and into the ladies’ restroom on my first, very long-awaited overseas trip to Europe.


I was practically giddy with excitement despite the overnight flight as I waltzed into the ladies’ restroom at the Charles De Gaulle Airport.  Having no shame about my glee in finally realizing that dream of traveling to Europe (only about 20 years later than I had planned  . . . you know, that funny thing called life sometimes gets in the way!), I snapped this photo before rejoining my family (the testosterone trio waiting outside).

My husband just rolled his eyes when I showed him the first picture I took of the Paris leg of our trip!

Join the WordPress.com Weekly Photo Challenge by clicking this link for more information and to see others’ responses — “Foreign” was this week’s theme.

Ciao! ~ Kat B.

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

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  6. I LOVE this picture, Kat! Wa-Hoo, so very cool! You also reminded me of when Kiah and I disembarked at the airport in Amsterdam several years ago and how I fell in love with one painted bathroom. Ahhh, foreign bathrooms. I am thinking about writing another bathroom blog and you may have convinced me.


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