Where Are You, Emily Post? (reblog)

I don’t often reblog, but Overwhelmed By Joy posted a reflection on the season (and with such humor relayed the dysfunction that often goes with the holidays and the merger of diverse family and friends), I just had to share!  And, if you have not had an opportunity to check out Overwhelmed By Joy before now, I encourage you to spend some time exploring her many other enjoyable posts.
Ciao! ~ Kat


Someone asked me this week if we were inviting people to our Thanksgiving dinner who are from outside our family again this year. I had to chuckle. Maybe it was a snort. It was probably a low growling noise from my husband. It all started with the best of intentions. . . inviting friends who otherwise didn’t have a place to celebrate Thanksgiving to join our family festivities.

I should back up to add some necessary detail to the tale of the Turkey that almost Took us Down.

My parents were both the only child in their families. I therefore have no aunts, uncles, or cousins. We have a family reunion whenever eight or more of us gather together. My family is extremely generous with time, talent, and financial generosity until it comes to a holiday. I broke the tradition a few years ago by inviting a household of…

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