Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

After shoveling the fresh, heavy wet snow this morning, my faithful friend and I headed out into the neighborhood for a walk (with phone in hand, ready to capture a few shots for this week’s photo challenge).  Clumps of wet snow periodically fell from the trees, crows called to each other from snow-covered tree tops, runners were out enjoying the beautiful morning, and my dog said hello to some of his four-legged friends with whom we crossed paths while out and about.

Such a pretty, peaceful morning in the neighborhood!






Ciao! ~ Kat

Photos taken on my Droid 2 Global; post composed and published through the Android app for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  To learn how to participate in the challenge and view other responses, check out the Daily Post.

Post-publish edit: link to the phoneography challenge updated from the computer — tough to type out the full url on the phone and wasn’t sure of a shortcut!


27 responses to “Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood”

  1. Kat, it was fun to join you on your snowy walk. It looks like a snowstorm is headed our way. At least there’s another winter storm warning. It’s cool that your phone could take such good pictures.


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