The Miracle of a Single Flower

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” ~ Buddha

Flower along the Split Rock River Loop Trail

Ciao! ~ Kat

13 responses to “The Miracle of a Single Flower”

  1. The meaning of life in one phrase. If only we stopped for a minute and think about every little miracle surrounding us, our perception of life would be so different..


  2. Beautiful Kat! I hope you are doing well! What an awful spring here in MN! The kids are out of school on Tuesday already and I hope the weather gets better! Any fun summer plans?


    • I hope we see summer to enjoy summer plans — I have looked at gray and fog out my window all day today! Not sure our leaves and flowers will ever come out! Nothing too extravagant planned this summer between the “usual” summer activities and work schedules — we have a long weekend planned in the Boundary Waters (screen-free family time!), hopefully some cabin time, and of course the annual State Fair food-on-a-stick fest! With the boys in high school, music and/or sports-related activities are scattered throughout the summer too. How about you?


      • Sounds wonderful Kat! Today was the last day of school and it is so cold and wet here it doesn’t even feel like summer. We will be staying put except for a brief trip to Brainerd. I hope it warms up soon!!!!


  3. I really believe that to be true. I listened this week to and individual that was on the plane that crashed in the Hudson recently. He talked about what he learned in the 4 or 5 minutes from when the bird stuck the engine, to when they got the warning to prepare for impact, and when they set down in the water. It was quite enlightening and it mirrored what Buddha was trying to say in a single sentence.


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