Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

The French horn is an instrument with curves!  What rich sound can be teased from those long, winding tubes of brass — and oh, how the sound does carry above the rest of the symphony if a note is missed!


Acknowledgements:  Appreciation and thanks go to my son’s French horn which was the patient subject for the impromptu lunch hour photo shoot, inspired by this week’s challenge theme.

Ciao! ~ Kat

This post was in response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  ”Curves” was this week’s theme.  Everyone is welcome to join in the Challenge; further details on how to participate and links to others’ responses are found here.

51 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves”

  1. Well done! You certainly captured curvaciousness in all her glory! I love the way the light catches right at the bend……A beautiful instrument indeed. I think I shall always remember these pics, should I ever see a French horn again. xoJulia


  2. French horns have such power and beauty able to soar over the orchestra. I love Tschaikovky’s usage of the french horn. Lovely


    • I thought the same thing myself when I first pulled the horn out of the case — I see it all the time, so I was thinking, “well this isn’t very exciting”! But once I took a closer look, was reminded of its simple, yet complex, beauty.


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