The Desperation of the Daily NaBloPoMo Post

I am swamped at work.  My house has decorative piles of laundry and magazines gracing multiple rooms.  Dust on the furniture is waiting hopefully for someone to draw the next masterpiece, like an etch-a-sketch on a coffee table top.

So what do I do instead today?  Go hiking at nearby Jay Cooke State Park and check out the reconstructed swinging bridge  . . .

Jay Cooke State Park Swinging Bridge

. . . and do silly things like taking pics of my favorite hiking companion reminding everyone to Vote Lola!  

Dog peeps for LoLa!

And how was your weekend?!

Ciao! ~ Kat

14 responses to “The Desperation of the Daily NaBloPoMo Post”

  1. 15 minutes from my house and I’ve been too busy to visit the new bridge, gotta do something about that!


  2. I love the dust on the table with pictures. I need to clean, I have time to clean, but all I do is make more lists of what I need to do. Now I just have more papers to toss. I guess we do what interests us most. Great pictures.


  3. yay for the new swinging bridge!!! can’t wait to camp there next year and try out the new bridge. my weekend consisted of starting my Thanksgiving menu and putting leaves into the bin, amongst other weekend chores. thanks for the photo of the bridge! now get back to your writing 😉


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