Trinity Church ~ A Back Bay Treasure

While my son was visiting colleges in the Boston area, I took some time to explore the Back Bay area.  Wonderful shops, dining, and history; a mix of old and new.

Trinity Church, Back Bay of Boston

Trinity Church is one of the old treasures of the Back Bay. On a quiet weekday afternoon, I took a self-guided tour of this sacred space, and enjoyed some quiet reflection time, alone in the sanctuary.

If you are in the Boston area, take an hour or so, and savor the beauty of Trinity Church.

Ciao! ~ Kat

5 responses to “Trinity Church ~ A Back Bay Treasure”

  1. I’ve seen many photos of the church’s exterior but this is the first interior shots of Trinity Church that I’ve seen. It’s really beautiful. Thanks, Kat, for sharing you photos.


  2. I attended a wedding at Trinity church this summer and it really is beautiful…especially the Tiffany windows and chandelier.


  3. What a beautiful Church Kat! You do not look old enough to even have a kid much less a college one?


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