Cleon is No Match for the Local Hardware Store

As Cleon rages on, with snow accumulations in Duluth and along the North Shore of Lake Superior ranging from  18 inches to over three feet, and the local schools canceling classes for the third day in a row (cripes, these kids will be going to school until July now), the trusty local hardware store carries on with a booming storm supply business.

Despite Cleon, Marshall Hardware has lights on for business.

Marshall Hardware in Duluth’s Lakeside neighborhood is a classic throwback where clerks know their customers’ names, you can bring in a broken screw and walk out with a single replacement, and friendly four-footed friends are welcome with a treat for good behavior.

Treats for good behavior at Marshall Hardware.

Anything from snow shovels to sleds, gift items to plumbing, bird seed to cleaning supplies, painting paraphenalia to holiday lights – Marshall Hardware has it all.

Ciao! ~ Kat

16 responses to “Cleon is No Match for the Local Hardware Store”

  1. This might sound wimpy to you guys up north, Kat, but us Dallas folk are home bound with school cancellations and all since Thursday night with 3 inches of ice:) Neighborhood hardware stores are like a candy store during winter! Always a welcome sight…


  2. Marshall’s and Denny’s up on Woodland, I hope they never go out of business. So much better than the big box stores.


  3. I, too, live near a Marshall-like hardware store. Isn’t it the best? I can walk in there, ask a question, and actually get a knowledgeable answer. How rare in the era of big box stores! I throw as much business their way as I possibly can. I do not want to see them disappear like so many other small businesses have.
    I realize that you’re probably accustomed to this kind off weather, living where you do, but, do take care, Kat. Stay warm!


    • December really has been miserable in terms of temperatures! All this great snow and half the time too cold to get motivated to go out an enjoy it! And you hit on the nose the delight of these small neighborhood stores — they are my ‘go to” problem-solvers when I have a DIY project or need to rig a household repair. A dying breed.


  4. Love the trusty local hardware store! We rely on ours too, but rarely have over three feet of snow. Hang in there and when it’s all over make a kick-ass snowman!


  5. Cool place! So few of them exist these days. I love the snow shot! That has me remembering the tough Nebraska conditions I grew up in. Down here in Oklahoma people are not courageous about snow. Everything stops with a couple of inches. Keep warm and toasty!


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