Skiing on a Sunday Night

The trails were quiet, the lights were on.  The tracked trails invited us in.  What a beautiful way to spend an evening with my boys.

Night skiing in Duluth, Minnesota

Night skiing in Duluth, Minnesota

Night skiing in Duluth, Minnesota

Night skiing in Duluth, Minnesota

Hoping your holiday was merry and bright!

Ciao! ~ Kat

15 responses to “Skiing on a Sunday Night”

  1. I absolutely love this! When we traveling to MN for cross-country skiing (we are older now and head south for golf!), we stayed at a place on the Gunflint that had lighted trails. It was so beautiful. They just used a string of white Christmas lights along the side of the trail, but it was incredible how much light they provided against the white snow….


    • Just my point and shoot digital camera on a non-flash automatic setting! Would have loved to try some shots with my new DSLR, but didn’t want to risk hauling it along while skiing. Nice to have one that fits in the pocket for that!


  2. Skiing at night! WOW! Impressive. I had to verify that I was spelling it right if that gives you any idea of my prowess ! Beautiful post Kat. Happy New Year to you and yours !


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