Top 10 Reasons Duluth is the Best Place to Live

As the last week of voting takes place in Outside magazine’s “Best Place to Live” contest, with Provo, Utah and Duluth, Minnesota going head-to-head in the final round (vote daily at!), I thought I would share my Top 10 reasons why Duluth, Minnesota is the Best Town and deserves your vote.  Let’s begin:

1.  The excitement of watching those 1,000-footers go through the canal and under Duluth’s Lift Bridge never gets old.

Ship Going Through Duluth's Canal

2.  You can experience the thrill of releasing a raptor from Hawk Ridge.  Visit with the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory staff and volunteers during fall migration season and learn about raptors.  Make a donation, “adopt” a hawk or passerine, and help release the newly banded bird with the beauty of Lake Superior as your stage.

Raptor release
Kat’s father releasing a Northern Goshawk (Photo credit: Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory)

3.  As I shared on my Facebook page, where else can you get teens out the door and on the water by 8:00 a.m. every weekday for most of the summer?  The Duluth Rowing Club’s Juniors program makes it happen.

duluth regatta henry 8 7_14_12 (1280x1024)

4.  During the holidays, the outdoor fun continues with Bentleyville, the “Tour of Lights” at Bayfront Festival Park.

Holiday Lights in Duluth

5.  There’s enough room for everyone, and everyone tries to get along.

Dog and Deer on the Lakewalk      Dog and Deer on the Lakewalk

6.  Duluth supports a world-class marathon, Grandma’s Marathon:  Fresh Air, Fresh Water, Fresh Race.

Starting line of Duluth's Grandma's Marathon
The starting line area for Grandma’s Marathon
Grandma's Marathon racers
Some of the lead female runners from along Grandma’s Marathon race course in 2012

7.  Skiing at night under the lights at Lester Park is magical — the crisp, cold silence of the woods broken only by the hooting of an owl, or the swish of skis as they cut through the fresh snow.  Miles and miles of ski trails, just blocks from almost any neighborhood in the city.

Magical Night Skiing in Winter

8.  Do you like to run?  bike?  hike?  Have we got options for you!  The joy of the trails is found throughout Duluth, all year long.

9.  We know all sorts of ways to have fun when it’s a long winter.  You may recall my winter post on blowing frozen bubbles, tossing boiling water … over 70 days of sub-zero temps in one season?!   Bring it on!

Sub-Zero Boiling Water Toss
Boiling water toss in –14°F (-25.5°C) temperatures — just a few degrees off of our high temp that day.

10.  Because every sunrise is beautifully unique …

Sundog on Lake Superior

sunrise on Lake Superior

… and the moonrises aren’t bad, either.

Monnrise by Lester River

I could go on, but you need to vote ….  Spread the word and #VoteDuluth!

Ciao! ~ Kat B.

21 responses to “Top 10 Reasons Duluth is the Best Place to Live”

  1. I haven’t been to Duluth in a couple of decades, but I loved it back in the day when I used to travel and camp a lot. Gorgeous photographs… makes me think I need to see the area again!


    • You definitely need to make a return visit — you will be amazed at the changes over the last 20 years. The Lakewalk and bike trails along Lake Superior was done so well, making the Lake accessible to walkers, runners and bikers without ruining the beauty of its shoreline.


  2. The attention that Duluth will get from this vote will confirm what so many of us already know, Duluth is a fantastic place to live.


  3. H Kat! I have not seen your Blog for the longest time! I must agree it’s a wonderful town!


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