Sometimes You Need to Hear the Waves

A photo is worth a thousand words, but sometimes the picture is not complete without engagement of the other senses.  Photographs are wonderful for capturing a serene sunset, or for trying to convey the beauty of Lake Superior’s icy shore as the sky turns that soft purple hue in the moments between sunset and darkness.

Rolling Waves of Lake Superior

I have been craving time outdoors, even with bitter cold temps and lack of substantial snow cover.  I need those periodic breaks to just hike with my own thoughts and my favorite companion by my side.

Best Friend near the Big Lake

The hours in the day are never enough, so the gradually lengthening days are a welcome change, providing more opportunity to head out after work before the sun sets, and enjoy the waning light…. even if it’s not a proper hike.  Sometimes, a little is better than nothing ….

Waning Light on Lake Superior Near Duluth

We stretched our legs, stopping at various points along the shore to soak in the changing light at the end of the day, jogging to another spot to watch the waves roll over and burst against the shore. The sky changed from purple to blue on the eastern horizon, while looking westward where the sun sank from view, the sky held on to its golden glow.

Sunset Splash ~ Duluth, Minnesota (Lake Superior)

The still images capture part of the Lake’s allure, but something is missing.  Sometimes you need to hear the waves …. sometimes you need to watch the magic hue of fading light as it dances across the water ….

Ciao! ~ Kat

10 responses to “Sometimes You Need to Hear the Waves”

  1. Beautiful photos! You really captured the changes in the light and what a great addition of the video to allow us to share in the sound (albeit vicariously).


  2. When cooped up indoors too long during these Minnesota winters, what I feel the need for most is wind on my face. I’ll go out in the worst, coldest weather, even for only half an hour. Wind is to me what waves are for many people – a way to connect with something greater than myself and shake off those indoor doldrums.


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