Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Never forget… and keep moving forward toward peace on this Veterans Day. ~ Kat

Travel. Garden. Eat.

Walking the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery, I yearned for the assurance that we will move forward as a nation toward peace.

Arlington National Cemetery

The wars throughout America’s history have shaped the thoughts and aspirations of generations, and touched the lives of millions around the world.

U.S. National World War II Memorial U.S. National World War II Memorial

The monuments in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., often memorialize or reflect upon war.  Their words and images ran through my mind as we walked the rolling hills of the cemetery.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Korean War Veterans Memorial Korean War Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Vietnam Veterans Memorial

While Arlington National Cemetery also contains the graves of notable American heroes or other people of influential significance, unrelated to any military conflict, I could only think of the sorrow that war brings as I surveyed row after row of white marble markers.

Arlington National Cemetery

The old trees cradled some markers in their gnarled roots, while their broad canopies…

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4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward”

  1. Beautiful images, Kat. Thank you. The last time I was there it was for the funeral of one of those people buried under those gorgeous trees (a friend of my son’s, brought home to be buried while my son fought in Afghanistan), which I noticed, too. It’s a cliche, but sometimes I think only women truly understand the futility of the loss of our sons.


  2. We are beholding to so many, the feeling you have when you are at Arlington is not something you can ever explain, or ever really describe to anyone…Your pictures are closer than any words I have ever seen uttered.


    • Thank you, Charlie, I really appreciate your comments. You captured in words why I enjoy photography so much — words often cannot do justice to a place, and sometimes a photo can capture its essence.


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