Don’t Boo, Vote … #ImWith Her

At tonight’s Democratic National Convention, President Obama made a powerful case for and endorsement of Hillary Clinton. He reminded us of the need to do more than boo, but instead get out and vote, make democracy happen, and let love and inclusiveness drown out hate and fear.

daring greatly

#ImWithHer #ImWithTim

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9 responses to “Don’t Boo, Vote … #ImWith Her”

  1. I am so sad that a few of my own siblings and my husband’s are buying into that hatred. I have such a hard time standing up to their rantings about how bad things are. I want to know for whom? I was a college student at the beginning of title IV. I understand the women’s movement and what this election means, but more than that what inclusion for all people means. We shouldn’t get a “seat at the table” because of our bank accounts or as a token representation, we should be able to be considered because of our own worth, and I believe this is part of what this election is about. Mostly it is about the difference of democracy and dictatorship. I liked the like about we don’t want to be ruled. The unwritten part of that was the city they held the convention was all about the break from the rule of a King who didn’t care about the people. Thanks so much Kat for posting this. You have reminded me I need to get the courage to speak up.


  2. Yes yes yes! I have been shocked by this election session Kat and embarrassed and saddened that so many of our people can side with a racist, sexist jerk. It is unbelievable and makes me feel deeply troubled about the people in our country.

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      • I agree. I am so sick to my stomach that it is hard to take Kat. I just am so much more ashamed that people are feeling that they can be overtly racist and sexist. It is very sad and a wake up call to me that many people in our country feel this way.


  3. It was moving 3rd night starting with the beautiful hard speakers of and on gun violence ending with our President and his very moving words. Vote. Yes. #Iamwithher #Timwhatagreatchoice

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