Take Time to Watch the Sunset (30 Days of Gratitude: Day 3)

We so often get wrapped up in our over-scheduled lives, with the constant barrage of technological communications and screen distractions, that we forget to breathe and just be.

Minnesota Sunset

While driving north after a commitment for work in the Twin Cities, the sky was increasingly filled with the most glorious glow of pink and orange. I was cruising along the interstate, and kept catching glimpses of it off to my side and behind me. I found the nearest exit and did just that … exited. Just a mile or two from the highway there happened to be a large pond with a parking area. It was just waiting for me. I stood as the sunset took its last breaths, and a beaver quietly paddled across the water, leaving the ripples of purple and pink in its wake. Little creatures rustled the cattails and the water grew still again as darkness took over.

Grateful for those few minutes to remind myself there is time to watch the sunset.

~ Kat

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