The Right to Vote (30 Days of Gratitude: Day 7)

It’s Election Day! Do more than be grateful for the right to vote — exercise that right!

If you don’t know where to vote or how to vote, the website has resources to help you get your vote in before the polls close.

The American flag ~ the "Stars and Stripes"

Why vote?

Your Vote Matters
Your vote is your way of being represented in government. That means that when you vote you are making your needs and values known to the leaders of your country, state, and city. Your vote is your voice. If you do not use your vote, no one will hear you.

Being able to vote means having the right to choose. You are choosing who will make decisions that will affect your life. But when you do not vote, you are still making a choice. You are choosing to not take part in democracy. You are choosing to give up your most important right and responsibility as a citizen. You are choosing to be silent while other people make decisions for you.

Don’t give up your right to choose. Vote!

In an election, every vote counts. Your vote matters. If you do not think that your vote makes a difference, take a look at some events in history that were decided by just a few votes.

Some events in history that were decided by just a few votes.

  • In 1776, the American colonists had come from many different countries and were deciding what the new country’s official language would be. Just one vote decided that Americans would speak English rather than German.
  • In 1850, the young U.S. government was deciding whether or not it wanted to grow to the West. Just one vote made California a part of the United States.
  • In 1868 Congress was deciding whether it should remove President Andrew Johnson from office. Just one vote kept President Johnson from being removed.
  • In 1960 there was a very close presidential election. Just three votes per precinct made John F. Kennedy president instead of Richard Nixon.
    Source: How to Vote! California Edition, Key to Community Voter Involvement Project.*

Excerpt from the Ohio Literacy Project, “What Does It Mean to be a Citizen in a Democracy?” 

So …. Will you/did you vote today?!

~ Kat

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