Book Club (30 Days of Gratitude: Day 13)

Another evening of stimulating conversation, laughter, and an interesting read for our bi-monthly book club.

This time, a play — Sweat by Lynn Nottage. Timely in reflecting many of the themes we see playing out in society today.  The club selection two months earlier was Al Franken’s latest book, Giant of the Senate, a sobering yet humorous writing by our Senator.

We have periodically been fortunate enough to share our discussion with the author, as we were after enjoying the delightful book, Locally Laid by Lucie Amundsen.

Scott Carpenter was another author connection for our book club, as we read both his novel Theory of Remainders and his short story collection, This Jealous Earth.  The complexity of human relationships is showcased in many of his stories and remarkably analyzed in such a limited space.

We periodically take advantage of local community “One Book” programs, which often include a talk by the author or activities related to the subject of the book.  One of the first books we read as a newly formed book club was our community’s “One Book”: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.

Sometimes we return to a classic, as we did when we read Jane Eyre earlier this year, and are reminded why it remains a favorite all these years later.

And book club is not complete without a potpourri of wines to accompany dinner, reflecting the variety of topics that are floated around the table as we eat, and talk, and even dive into our reactions to the book itself!

The evening draws to a close with a feeling of warmth and gratitude for the women who share their diverse and interesting experiences at each gathering.

~ Kat


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