Taking Time to Enjoy the Sunsets


The blog has been neglected, but summers are not meant for sitting in front of the computer screen.  Hope your summer has been full of the things summer is meant for:  soaking up the sunshine (although in Duluth, the first 1/3 of summer left us sorely sun-starved), digging in the dirt, playing in the sand, wandering along the trails, reading a good book, learning something new ….

Minnesota sunset

Posts may be a little less frequent over the next month or two, but patiently hang with me, and I will try to make time to stop by your blog, as well …. I always look forward to our conversations and visits.

Ciao! ~ Kat

Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV (Take 2)

To make up for the bold appeal for my son’s scholarship pursuits in my last two posts, I will take you to the beautiful setting of the Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton National Park.  The sun setting over the mountains, the elk moving across the Willow Flats marsh . . . add a fine meal on top of it and you have the formula for a travel memory that endures.

grand teton 13

The traditional picture is often the full view of the mountain range as the sun sets on the flats . . .

grand teton 11

. . . but looking behind me, I could enjoy the beauty of the sunset reflected in the windows of the Lodge . . .

grand teton 14

. . . and continue to drink in the scenery as we savored that memorable meal many years ago in the Lodge’s Mural Dining Room.  No matter which point of view you chose, that breathtaking vista was there.

Ciao! ~ Kat

This post was in response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  ”An Unusual POV” was this week’s theme.  Everyone is welcome to join in the Challenge; further details on how to participate and links to others’ responses are found here.