Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Buona sera, Trastevere!

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge was “Everyday Life” – “all about people and the things they do every day: working, eating, drinking, chatting, dreaming, walking, exercising, or any of those things we do all the time without really thinking about it.”  This photo was taken in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome, and evokes my memories of everyday life in Rome during our visit – a pleasant group of women casually grouped for an evening chat, returning my “buona sera” with a wave as I walked by, while a young man was off to work down the cobble-stoned alleyway.

Ciao! ~ Kat B.

22 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life”

  1. Trastevere was where I spent most of my time while in Rome – my partner lived there for almost a year and I was always visiting. Your photo captures the locality perfectly! Che bellisima! x


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    with love light and JOY


  3. Nice picture! I will be in Italy with my gf in a few weeks. Can not wait to so some photography there as well 🙂 – Francis


  4. As an Italian, I can’t but appreciate your beautiful photo! Your close-up underlines the facial expression of the four people and you can”hear” their words…….( che caldo, fa!….). Congrat!


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