The Joy of an Evening Run

Fall is my favorite time of year.  Technically, it is still late summer, but the evenings have that crispness in the air, already-fallen leaves crunch underfoot on the trails, and colors are changing.  While enjoyable anytime of year, going for an evening run on the trails in the fall after the end of a long work day results in the cares of life fading from thought with each step.  Speed does not matter, distance does not matter.

What matters is the way the sun glances off the branches as it peeks through the narrow pines.

Backlit pines as the sun sets

What matters is the tongue-lolling smile of your four-legged friend, who gallops ahead on the empty trail, with ears flying — and then gallops back with a grin, waiting, to make sure you are still in this delightful run together.

Content companion on a fall trail run

What matters is gazing up the endless trunk of an old pine tree at the end of the trail, and appreciating the simple beauty of that form, backlit by the setting sun.

Endless pine

Runs like these need no watch, require no monitor.  Runs like these remind me that what matters is to be grateful for the run.

Ciao! ~ Kat B.

4 responses to “The Joy of an Evening Run”

  1. I agree with you. Evening runs in the forest are awesome! I wish I had a dog to run along with me too 🙂 Your running trail is gorgeous. I’m also lucky enough to live near a forest. Fresh air and exercise!


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