The Unpredictability of Fall Colors

Last year, the colors were absolutely amazing — an artist could not have painted them prettier!  This year?  The jury is still out.  As a northern Minnesota storm seemed to come out of nowhere this afternoon, following a long dry spell (because the flood-ravaged people of Duluth prayed too hard in June, “no more rain”, and their prayers were granted for the rest of the summer!), the heavens opened up with wind-driven sheets of rain and hail.  I imagined many of the trees that started turning color so early this year simply give up on completing their fall showing.

Oberg Lake, Minnesota ~ Early October 2011
Oberg Lake from the Oberg Mountain Loop Trail, Minnesota ~ Early October 2011

But, Mother Nature always has a few tricks up her sleeve.  Just when you think the fall color show has fizzled before it peaked, She pulls that bouquet of flowers out of her sleeve, and reminds you that the beauty of the season comes in many different forms.  What will Mother Nature show us this year?  Time will tell.

Ciao! ~ Kat B.

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