Leaving Cares Behind on the Trail

Another perfect early fall day, another run on the trails at the end of the day!   I try to remind myself never to take for granted the beautiful surroundings in which I live in northern Minnesota.  I even wore a fanny pack this time so I could take my Canon point-and-shoot rather than just the cell phone camera (and was prepared to sacrifice my body before the camera if I went somersaulting over a tree root)!

My friend is waiting . . . so, come along with me, and let’s head down the trail – leave your cares behind and soak up the beauty of the changing seasons!

Duluth's beautiful trails

This fellow was so beautifully lit by the late afternoon sun, keeping a close eye on us as we ran by.

A watchful eye through the trees

Birch bark stands alone as a piece of art – each tree a unique masterpiece.

Minnesota birch trees

A few trees stand out in brilliant reds and oranges, particularly vibrant as the sun began to set behind them.

Fall colors in Northern Minnesota

Wrapping up a run on Duluth's city trails

Thanks for tagging along!  Remember, one does not always need to travel far in order to find a relaxing getaway.

Ciao! ~ Kat B.

7 responses to “Leaving Cares Behind on the Trail”

  1. Great pictures! I’d really love to visit Minnesota some time. Hopefully your post will help motivate me to get back to trail running myself. It’s just so hard to find time with work and the kids….


    • I sympathize completely — some days/weeks I can find that time, then sometimes, not. Living somewhere with inviting trails nearby helps squeeze that run or hike in when you only have an hour to spare (especially when you are a slow runner like me)! You would love the Boundary Waters with your kids (although I am embarrassed to admit that after 20 years of living here I have yet to get there for a camping trip), definitely head up this way some day — the trails, camping and other outdoor opportunities are infinite! ~ Kat B.


  2. I ran in Lester this morning before the rain! I feel so fortunate to be able to run from my doorstep to such beautiful trails!


  3. Your running track is gorgeous – I can smell that slightly dusty astringent forest smell, hear faint rustles amid the fallen leaves and branches, the cool, shadowy interiors … Look at autumn drawing in with its own particular beauty. Lovely post 🙂


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