Peaceful Sunday at the Feeder

One would expect Minnesotans to be somewhat jaded and indifferent to news of a fresh layer of snow in December.  However, after a winter last year that was brown and gray for much of the season, and a November this year that left us with only a few inches for a brief period of time, many of us went to sleep last night hoping the weather forecast was accurate in predicting that when we opened the shades the next morning, we would be greeted with a winter wonderland of white!

In reading posts today from other Minnesotans whose blogs I follow (Northern Narratives, thirdeyemom), I see that I was not alone in wanting to share Mother Nature’s overnight costume change!  The winter weather gods had painted each branch, stem and late-hanging leaf with a delicate detail brush!  Something about waking to freshly fallen snow, coating each surface so gracefully, brings out a sense of awe-filled excitement, just as a child has when waking to learn the world has been blanketed in white while he slept.

Snow-Covered Trees in Northern Minnesota

Of course, that excited child did not have to drive a car in the white, slippery stuff . . . wondering if the wheels would catch and stop the car before it slowly slid into the curb of the opposite side of the intersection, despite cautious speeds, four-wheel drive, traction control and every other bell and whistle of automobile manufacturing technology.  Thankfully, our required driving today was not extensive, and when not sliding slowly down unplowed inclines on the city streets, one could almost enjoy the fresh and pretty views!

This family’s day was one of homework, household tasks, office work, as well as breaks to unpack favorite Christmas decor to scatter about the house, while my husband put together a pot of chili which filled the house with the aroma of comfort food.   Outside, the chickadees, nuthatches and sparrows kept busy, as well – a constant parade of visitors at the feeder.  Had hoped to see the neighborhood cardinal pair, looking for that flash of red against the pure white snow, but they were elusive today.

chickadee feeder 12_9_12
Hey, are you looking at me?

No deep thoughts, no humorous anecdotes . . . just sharing a few of the common sights of the fresh December snow in Northern Minnesota.

white throated sparrow chickadee feeder 2 12_9_12
White-Throated Sparrow and Chickadee
white throated sparrow 2 12_9_12
White-Throated Sparrow
white throated sparrow 12_9_12
White-Throated Sparrow
white breasted nuthatch 2 12_9_12
White-Breasted Nuthatch

Ciao! ~ Kat

38 responses to “Peaceful Sunday at the Feeder”

  1. Love it! Esp. the nuthatch! As a former New Yorker who grew up with snow and bird feeders, I’m really not missing the snow so much here in the pacific northwest, and I’m happy to see chickadees, nuthatches, flickers, woodpeckers and jays here, though they look a little different. The squirrels are just as horrible though…(thanks for stopping by my blog, too!)


  2. Kat, these are some lovely snow photos, truly! You had a beautiful little snowfall. I like the snow when we don’t have to go anywhere. The excited child knows nothing of the perils of winter driving, that’s for sure. We may get some snow in the next few days. There is only an inch left on the ground after the last snowfall.


    • And we are back to rain today hoping it won’t ruin the few XC ski trails around here! Hoping it drops a few degrees without creating treacherous roads and sidewalks to give us more of the white stuff! ~ Kat


  3. Lovely photos.. never experience snow here in my country.. but would love to experience on.. cool photos.. Very beautiful winter photos


  4. A beautiful gift of Winter. The birds were just adorable. I may not see snow in Houston but somehow I felt Winter’s magic through your images. Thanks. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  5. We (ie, the kids!) are yet waiting for our first significant snowfall in mid Michigan. Your feathered friends are charming, Kat – I’m guessing you’re like me and happy they don’t leave for the winter.

    Thanks again for your recent kind words – I wasn’t really on the prowl for encouragment, but I do so appreciate what I got anyway. You kind of rock, Kat!


  6. Pardon me, the views and your description of it is so dreamy. But you really had me on that pot of chili. hehehe 😀 I’m virtual eating right now.


    • My little point-and-shoot didn’t do too badly even through the window — I think the contrasting branches throughout helped balance things. When I get the wide fields of snow, things tend to get a little off. Thanks for commenting, Gwynne! ~ Kat


  7. We had a pair of cardinals that seemed to disappear when the weather changed. I hope they come back. Thanks for mentioning my blog 🙂 Judy


  8. Love your photos! We have snow up in the mountains ( I live in Seattle, WA) about an hour from me. We will be going up to snow shoe..It will be lovely! Alesia


  9. I’m so ridiculously thrilled by the snow, even though we had to shovel twice today. It’s beautiful out. I love your bird photos – chickadees and nuthatches, along with the cardinals are my favorite winter birds. Stay warm – it’s going to be a chilly day tomorrow!


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