Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

As I sat listening to the noteworthy performances of our high school’s music ensembles at their annual holiday concert this weekend, I could not help but reflect on how life is so very delicate.  In the photo below, my son is no older than those innocent children in Connecticut whose lives were taken in Friday’s horror-filled events.  Several times during the holiday program, I felt tears well in my eyes thinking of all the families who would not have the opportunity to see their children play and sing . . . who would not have them to hug and hold this holiday season.  The loss and sorrow that the community of Newtown is feeling is unfathomable, and my heart aches for them.

North Shore of Oahu

For all the times I have viewed this photo in the years since I took it, I do not believe I ever noticed the little bird, perhaps some variety of sandpiper, running across the sand in the foreground.  This tiny little creature is just going about its daily life, my 7-year-old son is staring out at the vast ocean as the waves roll into shore, licking closer to his shoes with each turn, and the tides keep time with the moon and the sun . . . . reminders of the delicate balance of the forces and creatures of the natural world, including all of humankind.  The shocking headlines remind us how quickly the delicate balance of life can be shattered, and how each day is more precious than we care to imagine.

Thoughts and prayers going to all affected and touched by Friday’s events in Newtown, Connecticut. ~ Kat

11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate”

  1. Such a sweet delicate post, Kat. I like how you wove in everything from that horrible tragedy to the expanse of the sea to that delicate little bird–and of course your son in his sweet innocence. Many blessings to all…


  2. I share your thoughts and hopes. Beautiful picture of your son, the sea, and the little sand bird. The news crushed my heart and made me and my wife cry. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare and the pain can not be put into words. My thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families.


    • A peaceful moment on vacation with a little boy who usually never stopped! 🙂 It has always been one of my favorites, and I think it is why it came to mind when I reflected on this tragedy. Thank you, CIMT ~ Kat


  3. I can understand why this picture came to your mind – this is a simply put, warm and respectful post – and isn’t it funny that you hadn’t seen the sandpiper before, and that it didn’t mind your son so close?


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