Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

I struggled with responding to this week’s challengeto share a photo which represents one of your New Year’s resolutions.  I have gotten away from making formal New Year’s resolutions and didn’t think you wanted to see a photo of my messy garage that I resolve to clean and organize by the end of the year in anticipation of a high school graduation party the following summer!

A malt from the Portland Malt Shoppe while enjoying Duluth's Lakewalk
A malt from the Portland Malt Shoppe while enjoying Duluth, Minnesota’s Lakewalk

Then I came across this photo and thought it at least represented some general life philosophies of which I try to regularly remind myself, if not formal resolutions:  appreciate your surroundings whether or not you travel, and treat yourself to things you enjoy while doing so!

Ciao! ~ Kat

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24 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved”

  1. We could trade photos of our “need to be cleaned” garages and see who has the more pressing need to resolve to actually get it done. Though your high school graduation deadline is a bit further off than my end of march need to have the house put together before the kiddo shows up deadline.


  2. Yes, this is lovely, how you expressed and illustrated this, Kat. May you appreciate many new surroundings in this upcoming year–and share them with all of us!


  3. I love your philosophy of not giving something up but rather appreciating what you’ve been given, And yes, Americana hens lay blue/green shelled eggs. that’s how we knew it was Houdini’s. thanks for commenting!


  4. Nice view and tasty stuff on the railing. Several blogs make me often to hungry. I could enjoy one icecream now too but I have nothing like this at home. It´s to late to find an opened ice shop now 🙂


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