Weekly Photo Challenge: Up (Encore)

The fresh snow compelled me to post a second response to this week’s Photo Challenge.  After a busy couple of weeks of travel for work and family commitments, I have been feeling woefully behind on all fronts.  Leave it to my favorite furry friend to convince me that I had time to get out last evening and find some beauty, once again, in the enormous fluffy snowflakes that coated the branches and added a fresh layer of white to surfaces we had hoped would be bare by now.  Looking up at the trees, the gray skies transformed into a blank canvas for the natural beauty of the snow-covered treetops.

Going for even a short run, even if slow, even if sprinkled with breaks to stretch or walk, I reminded myself to be grateful for the ability to run.  The tragedies of recent weeks were forefront in my mind as I jogged along the quiet, tree-lined path, thinking of those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings, the fertilizer plant explosions, and so many other daily traumas that don’t make the headline news, that forever change people’s ability to participate in the activities they enjoy, with the people (and furry companions) they love.  Getting out for a run clears my head, puts life’s demands in perspective, and leaves my four-legged friend with a grin that is full of unburdened, infectious joy that often only a dog can express.


While snow was still falling as yesterday drew to a close, this morning brought the promise that Spring would not forget us this year — reminding us that Hope is always around the corner even on the darkest of days, as the sun shines with brilliant blue skies to brighten moods and landscapes alike.

Looking up at the promise of spring from my doorstep!
Looking up at the promise of spring from my doorstep!

Blue skies smiling at me . . . nothing but blue skies do I see . .

~ Irving Berlin’s “Blue Skies”

Ciao! ~ Kat

This post was in response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  ”Up” was this week’s theme.  Everyone is welcome to join in the Challenge; further details on how to participate and links to others’ responses are found here.

24 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up (Encore)”

  1. This really is lovely, Kat, even though it almost hurt to say that (tee hee). Is your snow all melting this weekend? Ours delightfully is! It’s 70 degrees right now!!


    • We are enduring “colder by the lake” so “over the hill” is cruising with melting while “down by the lake” is a bit slower to catch on (and about 20+ degrees colder yesterday than “over the hill”)! But ALL is above freezing and signs of Spring are here!


  2. You make the snow look so much fun and inviting, yet I personally have had enough of the white stuff. I’ve been hoping to get some yard work and planting done but each week it’s another snowstorm. This post reminded me to chill and Mother Nature will let me know when I can plant…thanks 🙂


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