Holiday Spirit (30 Days of Gratitude: Day 30)

The holiday season can be full of busyness — going through the list and checking it twice, without enjoying the moments along the way. A leisurely evening run with friends, with a detour on some festive paths, was a wonderful reminder of the goodwill generated by the season. Volunteers handing out hot cocoa and cookies … fire pits roaring with marshmallows for toasting … favorite holiday tunes playing as laser lights danced.

Adding to the magic of the evening was the best light of all — the luminous orb overhead, shining on the water next to the reflection of Duluth’s iconic lift bridge.

May the spirit of the season move you to pay it forward — be kind and compassionate to friends and strangers alike.

Be grateful for the reminders of what this season is supposed to be about.

~ Kat


Good Health (30 Days of Gratitude: Day 27)

Good health and the ability to move forward. It is easy to take these things for granted.


Be grateful for the simple gifts of life.

~ Kat

Saturday Morning Run (30 Days of Gratitude: Day 18)

The fog-like clouds hung low over Lake Superior, the sun trying to push through and welcome the day.

November morning on Lake Superior

Peer pressure is a good thing … when the temperature is in the 20’s (Fahrenheit), and it is more tempting to hit the snooze button rather than roll out of bed and dig out the winter running layers.


We were reminded how fortunate we are in Duluth to have countless trails and roads with amazing views — every season of the year.

Birch Trees on a Rocky Crag in Duluth

Always grateful for the run.

~ Kat

Room on the Path (30 Days of Gratitude: Day 12)

A thin layer of snow covered the path on my morning run this weekend, providing a clean canvas for every creature to leave their mark as they made their way.

Geese tracks in the snow

I was struck by the unique footprints criss-crossing the trail … even the geese leave distinct trails behind them as they move along the same path.

Leading to open water

Celebrating our differences, while recognizing our commonalities, seems to be increasingly difficult for many in this world.

Let us be grateful for the unique individuals that share our lives and communities. Make room on the path for those who walk differently, and help everyone make their way.

~ Kat

Running the Trails at Sunset (30 Days of Gratitude: Day 1)

Hello, friends! After neglecting my blog for much too long, I have decided to hyper-extend as a return effort and try to blog a post-a-day for the month of November! (Nothing like going from zero to 60, eh?!) The whirling shit-show of the political world has sucked me in, following the news obsessively and losing hours to other activities each day, because it seems every time one takes an evening off, another bombshell drops! However, as Thanksgiving approaches, it is a good reminder that there is always …. always … something to be grateful for!

Kicking it off … one of my favorite stress release activities … trail running.  So, fair warning, you may see a few of these this month, reflecting back on my favorite time of year to enjoys the trails … Fall! (Seems particularly timely, as we are now facing an early visit by winter, with snow on the ground and snow flurrying as I write)!

Fall trail running in Duluth

Nature truly does bathe you in all her goodness, and helps your worries fade away. The golden rays breaking through increasingly bare branches, while the colorful rusts and golds crunch underfoot.

Hope you will join me this month!

So good to “talk” with you again!

~ Kat