Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

The original fifty shades of gray . . .

Lake Superior, near Cascade River

Sometime the horizon is the thinnest of lines, a subtle demarcation separating the heavy sky from the frozen winter lake.

Ciao! ~ Kat

This post was in response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  ”Horizon” was this week’s theme.  Everyone is welcome to join in the Challenge; further details on how to participate and links to others’ responses are found here.

22 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon”

  1. A very nice capture, Kat. It’s amazing the colors that are possible when sky meats water. We tend to think blues but, as you’ve shown here, that’s not the only one.


  2. Did you see the footage of the melting ice coming in off one of the lakes and hitting the house? I am sure you did. That was scary stuff!


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