My Final Message

For those of you who have followed Otis and his Guardians, or anyone who has ever loved a companion animal as a member of their family, I am sharing this beautifully eloquent post that reminds us why we love them so. For those who have welcomed a senior or infirm companion to the family, oftentimes the tenure with the family is relatively brief — but as wisely stated by Abraham Lincoln, it is the life in your years, rather than the years in your life, that count. Peace to Otis and his family.

The Blog of Otis

My Disciples,

If you are reading this, I have departed. Let us first just acknowledge the weight of that. Our journey together was not nearly as long as I hoped it would be, but please know that it has been an honor to have met so many wonderful people, furred and non-furred, and to have shared the trials and triumphs of My life with you.

I know that during My long convalescence many of you were hoping and praying for a miracle to happen that would save My life, and it may seem like that miracle didn’t happen. But I need you to understand something. That miracle did happen. It did happen, and it did save My life, but it happened at the beginning, not the end.

The miracle that saved My life happened seven years ago when two humans looked out into their yard and saw a desperate, starving…

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