Baked Garlic (I Hope We Can Still Be Friends Tomorrow)

Baked garlic with a slather of melted brie on a cracker is divine.  Of course, I live in a household whose occupants believe there is no such thing as too much garlic!

Baked Garlic and Brie

The four of us have been known to each consume our own head of garlic . . . and guarantee that no one else will dare to spend time with us in the day or two that follows.  As so astutely noted in this LIVESTRONG article, the odor that lingers on your breath and escapes through the pores of the skin for days after consuming garlic may not only repel insects, but unwanted social guests as well!

Baked Garlic and Brie on a Triscuit

Perhaps you will want to tuck away this recipe to consume a day or two prior to the arrival of houseguests who tend to overstay their welcome?!

Ciao! ~ Kat

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