Salmon Fit For the Holidays

Remember my recent post on the Julebyen Christmas Village in Knife River?!  Call this post “Julebyen: The Epilogue.”  With the Alaskan sockeye salmon we purchased at the outdoor market from “Fish” Johnson, we had a lovely early Christmas dinner with my parents who came to visit for the weekend.  When my book club hosted the author to our recent read, we enjoyed a special dinner of Mustard-Roasted Salmon with Lingonberry Sauce.  I convinced my husband to make this savory dish with the salmon fillets from Julebyen.

Salmon fillets ready for grilling

After covering the salmon fillets with the mustard glaze, my husband chose to grill the fillets on cedar planks rather than bake them.

In Minnesota, neither snow, nor sleet, nor sub-zero temps stop a grillmaster from firing up the grill.

First salmon fillet planked and grilling.

After the glaze turned a golden brown, the salmon was ready for plating with the lingonberry sauce.

Grilled salmon fillets with mustard glaze

Paired with roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts, it made for a lovely presentation and a delectable blend of flavors.

Mustard-Roasted Salmon with Lingonberry Sauce

The recipe is from the March 2004 issue of Bon Appetit, and can be found here.  While the recipe notes that cranberry sauce or huckleberry preserves may be substituted for the lingonberry preserves, the unique flavor of lingonberries is hard to replicate, so make the effort to seek out that Scandinavian cranberry alternative.

Ciao! ~ Kat

11 responses to “Salmon Fit For the Holidays”

  1. Love planked salmon and that mustard glaze must be a wonderful addition to the grilled fish, Kat. Although I, too, grill all year long, my barbecue is located on my back porch, just outside my door. Most often I don’t even bother putting on a coat when I tend to the grill. It’s hardly the same as what you hearty Minnesotans consider grilling. 🙂


    • I treasure that book club — 8 women and we get together every other month. We range from our 40’s to 60’s, and have full lives, but enjoy making time to read a selection, discuss it, or at least get together and talk! (Members still welcome even if the book has not yet been read! :-))


      • I would love to do this although I would be one of the delinquent non-readers. No time!


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