La Jacobine: Latin Quarter Charm

During the summer of 2011, we enjoyed a whirlwind “highlights” tour of Paris, staying there for three nights on our way to Rome for the balance of our travels.  Food is always an essential part of our travel experience, and we tried sampling a variety of offerings in Paris during our limited stay.  One restaurant topped my entire family’s “favorites” list, though:  La Jacobine.

Our hotel was on the Left Bank, in the Latin Quarter area of the 6th arrondissement.  The neighborhood was a comfortable fit for us with a relaxed vibe.

Paris' Latin Quarter

Paris' Latin Quarter

Our boys have always enjoyed escargot, so of course, we had to have the classic French appetizer while in Paris.  La Jacobine served it up perfectly, and we enjoyed the company of a Scottish couple at the table next to us as we shared travel stories and adventures from home.

La Jacobine, Paris

The restaurant was tucked down a side alley, with a warm and inviting atmosphere that was not forced or pretentious.  The service was friendly, and we did not feel rushed as we enjoyed a dinner of simple but savory fare.   La Jacobine was the perfect spot to unwind after a busy day of sight-seeing.

Escargot at La Jacobine

Ciao! ~ Kat

9 responses to “La Jacobine: Latin Quarter Charm”

  1. I’ve never stayed in the Latin Quarter…must check into that area as it looks fun. Wishing you all the best in this new year.


  2. As my heritage is French, I’ve longed to go to Paris. I appreciate when bloggers share their experiences. You bring the world to us. I’ve never eaten escargot, Kat. Tell me what it’s like, please. 🙂 Rubbery like a clam? Soft? Salty? If I ordered it, what would I experience? (My comment has become a quiz!)


  3. What lovely photos! I’m originally from Paris so I always love seeing photos from home. Every summer they have a day dedicated to music where anyone can play music in the streets and most street corners are taken with little makeshift bands like in your first photo. It’s a charming tradition and you reminded me of it, thank you!


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