The Ides of March on Lake Superior

March 15th brings signs of Spring — Minnesota-style!  On a sunny Saturday on Lake Superior, Duluthians were out in force enjoying the ongoing winter weather.  From flying a kite to biking, from ice fishing to ice photography, Minnesotans know how to make the best of a delayed Spring.

Duluth, Minnesota Ice Fishing

Winter kite flying in Duluth, Minnesota

Ice biking in Duluth, Minnesota

Ice fishing in March ~ Duluth, Minnesota

Ice fishing on Lake Superior

Ice fishing on Lake Superior

Photographer on ice ~ Duluth, Minnesota

With hints of open water here and there, the season of frozen sports is sure to end soon enough.  In the meantime, all one can do is continue to embrace its icy beauty.

Ice fishing outside of Duluth, Minnesota

Ciao! ~ Kat

11 responses to “The Ides of March on Lake Superior”

  1. We have the same sort of ice and snow here in the Dakotas, but I have never learned to like walking on ice. I guess my mother put too much fear in me about what if it breakes. Lovely pictures.


    • What else is a person to do?! 🙂 We are fortunate not to be dealing with the flooding you have captured in some of your recent photos. We had a 100-yr flood last summer, and that was definitely a rare occurrence (and hopefully will stay that way).


  2. Impossible for me to imagine, of course – even when I lived in Canada I never could really embrace these outdoors activities in the cold – though I do remember loving those brilliant days when the sun shone on us and turned the world to sparkles, and we could imagine how it would feel on our faces, if only we had more sensitive sensors! Great series Kat. 🙂

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