Heelllooo, Spring? Are You There?

Day 2 of “Spring” in Duluth, Minnesota.

Snowman by Lake Superior

A fresh, wet, heavy blanket of snow coated the city.

Canal Park scene in Duluth

Lake Superior will not release her grip on the ice-covered shore.

Lake Superior Lighthouse in Canal Park, Duluth

As the lights come on in Canal Park, one could be convinced it was Christmas time, as opposed to approaching April.

Snowy March scene in Duluth, Minnesota

“At least it’s pretty” is wearing thin …

Snowed-in William A. Irvin in March ~ Duluth, Minnesota

… but, at least it’s pretty, right?!

Ciao! ~ Kat

14 responses to “Heelllooo, Spring? Are You There?”

  1. We, too, got some snow overnight. Warmer temps are supposed to be on the way. I hope they make it as far north as you guys are. We could all use a break. Your photos here are quite nice, even if it is March. 😉


  2. Oops, looks like Spring got a bit delayed. Hope colors of greens, yellows and everything colorful in between cover every land and trees. It’s Spring in Texas already and soon bluebonnets will fill the Texan landscape. Can’t wait. All the best to you & your family.


  3. There is no escape…two days after having to shovel 8+ inches at home in Duluth, left for Chicago hoping for a taste of spring. It’s snowing here!


  4. The photo of the anchor is so beautiful and evocative! Hoping springness comes soon for you –


    • The 10 degree temp this morning suggests otherwise, but I am confident Spring will show herself some day! Thanks, Sid — in the fading light of evening the monochrome of the anchor photo appealed to me, too.


  5. It’s beautiful, but I understand that winter might have overstayed its invitation. But soon it’ll not have any other choice but to leave.


  6. Great photos as always… They would be even more appealing if it were December and not the end of March.


  7. I am coming – can you not hear me…..:-) We’ve got another snow fall forecast for early next week when the spring flowers are pushing their greens thru the soil already and migratory birds are returning. hang in there….this, too, shall pass (I so hope).


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