The Lake Comes Alive

It must be Spring.  The ice is disappearing.  Ships are coming in, and ships are going out. Lake Superior is a busy place.

Lake Superior from Hawk Ridge

The ice has been stubborn, but the ships push through.

Pushing through Lake Superior's ice

As they travel out into the open expanse of the Lake, the ships seem to float on a surreal horizon.

Lake Superior's Ship Traffic in Spring

The U.S. Coast Guard cutters have been hard at work, keeping the shipping lanes open for ships like the American Spirit, a 1,000-footer that typically hauls taconite.

The American Spirit followed by the U.S. Coast Guard cutter on Lake Superior

The American Spirit’s bow pushes through the slushy waters, steaming ahead to open waters.

The American Spirit pushes out on Lake Superior

Even as the American Spirit moves past the ice-filled waters, the cutter continues its work, waiting for the next ship to pass through.

Canada Geese on Lake Superior

The beautiful contrasts of brilliant blue sky reflecting off Superior’s surface and the glittering ice shards remaining on shore created a perfect canvas for the convoy on the water.

Spring Shipping Convoy on Lake Superior

For the latest in Duluth’s shipping activity and schedules, the Duluth Shipping News is your guide.  Your can read more about the American Spirit’s journey in the April 15th shipping news entry.

Ciao! ~ Kat

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