Sub-Zero Fun in Minnesota

Sub-zero temps this week warrant a look back at last year’s sub-zero fun with boiling water.

Travel. Garden. Eat.

When the never-ending sub-zero temperatures keep knocking at your door, you sometimes simply need to fling open the door and say, “let’s party!”  As the air warmed up to a balmy –14°F (-25.5°C) on Monday, just a few degrees off the warmest temperature of the day, I decided the home office afternoon coffee break needed to take place outdoors.  The arctic blast prompted Minnesota’s Governor to cancel Monday classes for schools throughout the State.  With no sign of above-zero temperatures until Wednesday, most Minnesota schools have canceled classes for students on Tuesday, as well.

Balmy Duluth temperatures

In the meantime, I decided to recruit one of my teens as my assistant for the outdoor coffee break activities.  The local hardware store told me soap bubbles were a popular item, so I knew we were not alone in examining their response to the frigid air.

Soap bubbles in sub-zero temps

While our results were not as spectacular as photographer

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