Spring’s Persistence Pays Off

Today is May Day, and the blustery winds off Lake Superior are doing their best to prevent Spring from fully showing herself.  Patience must be a virtue when waiting for Spring in northern Minnesota.  We are well into April before the first colorful signs appear.

Spring Garden Flowers 20160417 2

A world in miniature comes alive as the longer days of (at least periodic) sunshine warm the ground.

Spring Garden Flowers 20160417 5

Delicate blossoms unfold themselves on the drab floor of last year’s greenery.

Spring Garden Flowers 20160417 8

Scilla, crocus, snowdrops … the welcome first signs of renewal after the never-ending cold, gray months of winter.

Spring Garden Flowers 20160417 10

April is a promise that May is bound to keep. ~ Hal Borland

Ciao! ~ Kat

6 responses to “Spring’s Persistence Pays Off”

  1. Kat, your flower photos are very beautiful. I haven’t seen many little wildflowers yet, although did notice the first yellow dandelion. Thank goodness Spring has been persistent. It has been challenging at times, hasn’t it? Our local weatherman calls it a “backwards spring”.

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  2. Thank goodness Spring keeps showing her lovely self no matter what is tossed her way☀️🌷❤️


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