Final Day on the Water

This is the eighth, and final, post of the “Week-Long Alaskan Dream” series.

Our last full day on the Misty Fjord dawned with heavy mist hanging on the mountain tops, turning the greens and browns of the lower elevations to multiple shades of gray. A hearty breakfast warmed us, as we clustered once again in the cozy dining nook on board.

We had 60 miles to cover before the scheduled disembarkation the following morning. With the longer day of cruising, we were content to settle in the comfortable salon, periodically looking for wildlife as the small ship motored along.

The occasional pod of porpoises appeared, sometimes playing in the wake. Ducks and gulls dotted the water’s surface. And the frequent curious otter or seal would pop up and take a look before disappearing again.

After a full week of raw, uncut beauty and wildlife observations, we were content to lazily read our books, write in our journals, take a short nap, or sit with a cup of hot tea surrounded by the misty wilds of Alaska’s Inside Passage.

~ Kat

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