Heelllooo, Spring? Are You There?

Day 2 of “Spring” in Duluth, Minnesota.

Snowman by Lake Superior

A fresh, wet, heavy blanket of snow coated the city.

Canal Park scene in Duluth

Lake Superior will not release her grip on the ice-covered shore.

Lake Superior Lighthouse in Canal Park, Duluth

As the lights come on in Canal Park, one could be convinced it was Christmas time, as opposed to approaching April.

Snowy March scene in Duluth, Minnesota

“At least it’s pretty” is wearing thin …

Snowed-in William A. Irvin in March ~ Duluth, Minnesota

… but, at least it’s pretty, right?!

Ciao! ~ Kat

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

This week’s photo challenge sent me away from my archive of digital photos and down to the Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth, Minnesota, which epitomizes geometric shape and design.  The first photo is my formal response to the Weekly Photo Challenge, taking the advice provided by Quintin Lake, who guest hosted the weekly challenge:

Tip: Once you have found a good subject that contains an interesting geometry, try to crop tightly into the subject to make an unexpected composition. Your goal should be to create an abstract composition so the image is more about underlying shapes than a literal representation of the subject matter itself — by doing this you create art rather than a snapshot.

Aerial Lift Bridge ~ Duluth, Minnesota

But, I couldn’t help myself this week and have posted multiple shots to provide context, as well as to share the beauty of Duluth’s evening icon.  Thank you to this week’s photo challenge for helping me to see the bridge with new eyes!

Aerial Lift Bridge ~ Duluth, Minnesota

Aerial Lift Bridge ~ Duluth, Minnesota

Aerial Lift Bridge ~ Duluth, Minnesota

You can participate in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge by clicking here for more information.  Links to other responses can be found in the comments and pingbacks to the weekly photo challenge post. 

Ciao! ~ Kat