Mountains of Gratitude

The Yellowstone Ski Festival is in full swing as Thanksgiving Day opens with another sunny, crisp morning in West Yellowstone.  Naturally, the activity of the day is nordic (cross-country) skiing, with an array of trail choices from the extensive Rendezvous Ski Trails system, to the Madison River loops, to a single groomed classic track along the road leading through the gates and into Yellowstone National Park.  You cannot go wrong with whatever option you choose, as ideal conditions continue.

The road into Yellowstone National Park proved to be a lovely ski to kick off a day of gratitude. Treetops sparkled with frost, and the snow lining the single-track trail glistened like diamonds in the sun’s reflection.  An eagle sat perched at the top of a tree, searching for a snack with its eyes darting to and fro.  Skiers called out joyfully in passing, “Happy Thanksgiving!”, “Enjoy the day!”, “Isn’t it beautiful?!”  And a short distance into the park, just off the main road on a turnout, was a view that required a few moments of silence and awe — frosted treetops as far as the eye could see, reaching to the snow-capped mountains, with the river gurgling below.  What a blessing to enjoy the view, appreciate good health, and revel in the ability to savor a morning ski in a magnificent setting.

Yellowstone National Park overlook

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Day to all!

Ciao! ~ Kat

21 Days of Gratitude

It is not too late to take the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge!  Between November 7th and Thanksgiving Day (celebrated on November 28th in the United States), KindSpring will send a daily reminder of gratitude if you formally participate in the challenge.

Coneflowers on the North Dakota prairie

I am looking forward to actively seeking expressions of gratitude and parlaying those expressions into acts of kindness.  Particularly when life’s schedules are bursting at the seams, practicing an attitude of gratitude is essential and injects an element of mindfulness into the daily routine.

Autumn colors along Minnesota's Oberg Trail

Certainly, you do not need to formally register anywhere to seek and express gratitude in your everyday life.  But if you are so inclined, you may sign up for the Challenge here.  

I look forward to experiencing the worldwide synergy of gratefulness over the next few weeks.   (And I suspect you may see a post or two from me expressing that energy as the NaBloPoMo Challenge continues this month!)

Ciao! ~ Kat