Teen in the Kitchen: Pear Bread and Poetry

The wind is howling, snow is blowing, and the house fills with the aroma of baking bread in the oven and chili on the stove top.  The men of the house are in the kitchen!

My 17-year-old son is putting on a repeat performance of his pear bread that he baked a couple of weeks ago.  He had me take photos of his lovely first attempt at this baked good, and I must say it turned out beautifully!  The sight and accompanying good taste apparently acted as his poetic muse.  His light-hearted ode to a pear follows.  I suppose I should have properly labeled this post as a “guest post” with my son as the guest blogger!  Enjoy!

Pear Bread

Pear-ly Poetic

A poem by Kat B.’s son

Pear, oh pear,

Fleshy fruit without compare,

Juicy, green, so sweet, so fair –

To thee I pour out emotions bare.


Thy rotund figure does seduce,

But I shan’t imbibe thy godly juice.

Though with all this self-abuse,

Me to a madman will you reduce?


Tensions begin to run quite deep;

Thoughts of thee keep me from sleep.

This un-sated desire makes me weep,

But sown seeds of want I shall not reap.


Canst thou give me a little flavor?

Just a nibble, for me to savor.

Then perhaps I will return the favor,

And present thee mine toe – I shall not waver.


I finally snap, grasp thy body at last;

’Tis time to break this maddening fast!

Mine wheel’s unmanned, and lies broken the mast;

I have submitted, heavens, avast!


Mine mouth tastes sickly sweet, is thinly glazed.

Within me’s the pear at which I once gazed.

My being’s been torn, my morals razed,

But ’tis lack of remorse that leaves me dazed.


For I loved thee, pear, it still is true,

But my recent actions I shan’t ever rue,

For looking back, I’d not undo

Mine every last bite of succulent you.

Pear Bread

You can find a link to the pear bread recipe here on the Taste of Home website — my son recommends one more pear than what the recipe calls for, and added chocolate chips this time for a fun twist.

Ciao! ~ Kat B. (and son!)

28 responses to “Teen in the Kitchen: Pear Bread and Poetry”

    • All the kudos go to my son (I may have taken the photos, but without the foodie-perfect subject, there would have been nothing to post!) — this was the easiest post I have ever “written”!


  1. Oh YUM! I am on a pear frenzy at the moment, I am so making this! Choc chips included 🙂 Thank you to your son, great poem!


  2. Clap your son on the back, or hug him, because he wrote a darn good poem here! How fun it was to read it. Please have him pass a bite of the pear bread, though. Would love to try a nibble.


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